• The post-war global trading order of multilateral deals is under explicit threat. Arguably, the outlook for world trade has not been this grim since the 1930s and our research indicates clearly that the related topics of Brexit, Donald Trump, currency markets, and trade are the dominant concerns for agriculture industry players. What are the reasons for this? Who are the people in charge? What are the possibilities? The report will have a focus also on the likely outcomes for currency markets, especially the dollar.  As the global trade outlook becomes more volatile, both agricultural producers, traders, and consumers, will need the knowledge to reduce uncertainty. This wide-ranging report will provide all key personnel in agribusiness with a solid understanding of these key issues and their likely impact on businesses. Click here for the Executive Summary
  • China 2017

    China is one of the largest importers, exporters, and consumers of agricultural products in the world In order to boost domestic production and protect against price fluctuations, the Chinese government instituted a system of price floors for rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, rapeseed, and cotton Click here for the Contents page Click here for the Executive Summary Click the following links for sample pages: Sample Page 1 | Sample Page 2 | Sample Page 3