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What are Agrimoney Research Reports?

Agrimoney has long been an independent and objective commentator on the agri commodity markets.  Providing news and analysis on soft commodities such as wheat, soy and corn to an international audience from across the agri supply chain.

We decided to draw on the depth of knowledge provided by our team of journalists, analysts and economists and shine a light on some of those areas that are harder to find information on, or that will benefit from further investigation and analysis.

Doing business across the globe and why it matters now – your free Agrimoney guide

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union is one which has a potential impact on many countries – not just those of the UK and the EU. While the main effects of Brexit and any trade deals which are done might impact the UK and its former European colleagues the most, it is likely to lead to a change in many global trading agreements and relationships.

These changes, though they may take years to agree, are likely to provide opportunities – and potentially barriers in some cases – to businesses wishing to trade between different countries. For growing and ambitious businesses, exporting is now more likely to mean a focus on other countries as well as those within the EU.

This guide aims to set out some the key things to think about in terms of doing business across the globe, as well as providing links to some key information sources.

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An in-depth guide to currency movements – your free Agrimoney guide

Agrimoney has launched a new guide which aims to explain the factors behind currency movements and help businesses manage their foreign exchange requirements.

The report ‘An in-depth guide to currency movements’ launches at a time of change in the financial markets as the UK has seen its first interest rate rise in a decade. The uncertainty about Brexit and the ongoing negotiations have added to the complexity of doing business with other countries. The publication, which is free to download and produced in association with currency market specialist Firma Foreign Exchange, tackles some of the key issues and how they might impact on rates.

An in-depth guide to currency movements’ aims to provide an easy-to-understand guide to currency movements – what influences them and why.

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Preparing for business in a post-Brexit era – your free Agrimoney guide

With so much uncertainty surrounding Brexit and its potential impact on businesses in agriculture, it can be tempting to forget all about it until a deal has been thrashed out.

However, its effects are already clearly being seen and felt, whether it is from worries about industry support, finding employees, or managing currency issues.

Our latest report, Preparing for business in a post-Brexit era, has been specifically written to explain some of the issues and what businesses might need to consider in order to prepare for the future.

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New Report Launched – 2017 Outlook for Global Agribusiness: Implications for agricultural trade in the era of Trump and Brexit

The post-war global trading order of multilateral deals is under explicit threat. Arguably, the outlook for world trade has not been this grim since the 1930s and our research indicates clearly that the related topics of Brexit, Donald Trump, currency markets, and trade are the dominant concerns for agriculture industry players.

What are the reasons for this? Who are the people in charge? What are the possibilities?

The report will have a focus also on the likely outcomes for currency markets, especially the dollar. As the global trade outlook becomes more volatile, both agricultural producers, traders, and consumers, will need the knowledge to reduce uncertainty. This wide-ranging report will provide all key personnel in agribusiness with a solid understanding of these key issues and their likely impact on businesses.

About the Author – John Phelan


Why should you buy this report?

What will you gain from buying this report? Buying 2017 Outlook for global agribusiness: Agricultural trade in the era of Trump and Brexit will equip you with the knowledge to understand some of the dramatic changes which are likely to have far-reaching implications for anyone involved in agriculture.

2017 Outlook for Global Agribusiness: Implications for agricultural trade in the era of Trump and Brexit

Our “2017 Outlook for Global Agribusiness” report is the second of our researched reports. It deals with:


New Report Launched – China 2017 – Agricultural Deregulation and its Global Impact

China 2017 – Agricultural Deregulation and its Global Impact


Report from Agrimoney Research Reports launched November 2016

The first of Agrimoney’s reports, China 2017 looks at Chinese government agricultural policies, changes to them, and the consequences of this for the rest of the world.

We look at the Chinese economic miracle of the last thirty years and at the social and economic tensions this has generated. We examine China’s agricultural successes but also cover the growing challenges it faces in feeding its population.We outline the motive for China’s regime of floor prices for agricultural commodities, how these have been enacted, how they operate, and how they have grown.

We look at what economic theory predicts will be the consequences of such a regime. Now that the Beijing government is dismantling this system, we close by analysing the medium to long term impacts on the markets for rice, wheat, corn/maize, soybeans, rapeseed, and cotton

This report will help you understand:

  • The social and economic tensions generated by China’s economic miracle
  • China’s agricultural successes and the growing challenges it faces
  • The motive behind the regime of floor prices and how it works in practice
  • The medium and long term impacts on the world markets now that these price floors are being dismantled

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For further information or to enquire about users and pricing, please contact info@agrimoney.com

About the Author – John Phelan


Report Summary

The “China 2017 – Agricultural Deregulation and its Global Impact” Report is a 99 page report and will be updated annually. Available in digital format the report is indispensable for those serious about China.

China 2017 – Agricultural Deregulation and its Global Impact

Our “China 2017 – Agricultural Deregulation and its Global Impact” report is the first of these researched reports. It deals with:


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